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Recognising Consulting Conveying
  • Gifted children succeed above average in skills and interests .
  • By in where they are ahead of their peers.
  • These skills may be:
  • Logical, Mathematical, Linguistic, Musical,
  • Visual, Artistic, Sport or Social.
  • Sometimes they cover several of these areas simultaneously.
  • About 2% of all children are far above intellectually capable
  • and are therefore considered high gifted.
  • It is often expected that gifted children excel in school through
  • outstanding achievements,
  • this is the case for many but not all gifted children.
  • Unfortunately there are often cases of bullying
  • or suppression in family, kindergarten or school.
  • The Alpha Academy started from the experience that gifted children
  • can develop problems in school and in social life.
  • But when their intellectual needs are no longer perceived
  • therefore they are no longer developing their skills.
  • If the children are able to ask, read, learn and experiment as much as they need
  • they would have no or fewer problems compared to other children
  • even in interacting with other peers, even when they get older.

The Alpha Academy has created the Alpha Club for connecting and supporting gifted and talented.

Learning, research with fun like-minded people is the motto of all activities and events organised by the local experts from the Alpha Club.. Combining exceptional learning sites with challenging projects that promotes team spirit :

Experiences and activities are organized by each stakeholder and perceived by like-minded completely different. The Alpha Academy offers its members a variety of events, tours and networking opportunities at home and abroad.

The varieties of events are for these types of members:

The Alpha Club presents the interests of gifted children, adolescence, parents and teachers to the Federal Ministry of Education and the Standing Conference. Our goal is to anchor the gifted education in the education legislation. Special classes can be formed with a previous enrolment and approval would be possible, regardless of school.